Fourty-Two And Pregnant

I know I am not the only one who has had their life planned out in their mind since they were 12. In my life, the players have changed (Jordan from the New Kids On The Block was originally slated to be my husband), but one of my end goals (to have had all of my children before thirty-five) has been changed completely.

I woke up this morning thinking about this change in my 23-year-old plan and I accepted it.

My husband preached a sermon a few weeks ago about how God not only told Mary she was going to conceive an bring forth a Son but how He also showed her He was able to do it by telling her Elizabeth was 6-months along (Luke 1:26-37). I have applied that to my life since learning this. It’s amazing the things I have seen since then regarding having more children. I have seen and met a few women who have a large age gap between their children. I saw a pregnant woman, who is due sometime this summer, shuttling her middle schooler and her friend too and from soccer practice. I met another woman who has a high schooler who will be driving himself to school while her youngest won’t start Kindergarten until next year. That was when I thought about Sarah.

(I think Sarah should be the patron saint for woman waiting on family promises from God).

How old was Isaac when Sarah died? I wanted to know how long God gave her with her long-awaited son, since, by my estimation, if I have a baby on my hip and a baby in my belly at 42, that would mean I would be 62 when the youngest is 20.

My husband and I calculated that Isaac was 37 years old when Sarah died. It comforted me to know that Sarah got to see her son grow up.

Yes, I will probably the oldest mother of an infant in the MOPS group. Yes, I will be a card-carrying AARP member when my child is in high school. I will also be exactly where God wants me. I look forward to being a godly example younger parents who may or may not know the Lord for themselves. Cheers to being fruitful at 40!


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