Step Mother

I never wanted to be labeled  “step mother”.  I loath the term.  As a Disney princess film fan, the term “step mother” was nothing positive and, with just meer mention of the label, a vision of a nasty mean women pops into the mind. I am not her although, truth be told, I am afraid two of my three bonus children may disagree with me 😦

My desire was not to be nasty, mean, nor overbearing or any other attribute commonly associated with “step mother”. I chose to be called a bonus mom.  I refer to myself as such on paper.  In real life, out of respect for the mothers of my bonus children, I say I am their father’s wife.  I am positive one would not take too kindly to me stating I am their bonus mother.  The other may not object immediately but I don’t think the mention of bonus mom would pass without comment.

The content of recent posts has deepened.   I know I am not the only follower of Christ striving to live godly while facing the unique struggles of having a blended family.  I want this blog to reach those who are searching for someone to understand their point of view.  When I Google a topic, I search the results for responses that mirror  my unique inquiry. I am not interested in how to care for an insect bite if I was bitten by a mosquito. The two are similar but I will take the same over similar any day.

That being said, I have decided to add “step mom, step mother,” and “Christian step mother” to all of my blog tags.  It will take a while for me to do this but that is the goal.  Hopefully, with these new tags, more bonus moms will be able to come here and glean anything they can to help them in their respective journey.


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