About Wifommy

Why is it so hard to write or say what you are about?  As much as I can anticipate the question, I am never quite ready to answer it!

My pseudo name is Xara Lee.  I’m a married, African-American, stay-at-home mother.  I have 1 or 4 children (depending on how you look at it).  My husband is an ordained minister.  He had two children by two different women before we were married.  We welcomed another child from one of their mothers two days after we were married.  We married in 2002 and had our first in-house child, Jazmine, in 2009.   There.  That’s me in a nutshell as far as the scope of the purpose of the blog is concerned.  I’m sure more of me will come out in future posts.

There are are many challenges that women face in a “blended”* family but even more so when you are a Christian woman actively seeking to walk with God daily.  It can be very difficult to find a person who understands your feelings and acknowledges your concerns, but helps you to mature in Christ in your Bonus Mom journey.  There are many tempting worldly “solutions” to the drama in the life of a Bonus Mom but we must not grab hold to anything other than Christ and His solutions for us.

This blog is a place to ask questions, get suggestions, and hear Biblical truths for you Bonus Mom.  Go with God!

*I say “blended” because I view the word as meaning both the husband and the wife enter into marriage with children.  In my case, only my husband had children.


8 thoughts on “About Wifommy

  1. Hi! My family is also “blended”. My husband had two daughters before we got married and then we had two of our own. The hardest part in our situation is that we only have the two oldest Friday through Sunday. That’s alot of “world” that they get Monday through Thursday! Thanks for the great posts!

    1. Xara

      Hi Chel! Oh my goodness! I am so late in responding. I saw it briefly then it slipped my mind. I write my blogs and schedule them to post so I am not on it daily and the last month has been busier than usual and I have not checked it regularly at all. Thank you so much for nominating me! I am still shocked to know that people who don’t know me personally actually read what I write 🙂

      I read the qualifications for accepting the award but, honestly, I don’t know 10 bloggers. I only read a few blogs because I would be on this computer all day. I already had to put myself on time-out from Pintrest and, at one point, I had to fast Facebook. It was getting really out of hand. If it wasn’t for the maximum of five lives on Candy Crush, my family would be hungry and smelly from wearing dirty laundry!

      Thank you again for thinking of me AND for reading. I truly appreciate it!

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