We Are Up And Running On Facebook

Just an FYI, there are two posts up on the Wifommy Facebook page.


Long Time, No See!

And yes, it is entirely my fault. I've been absent. I've had a lot of life happen, most of which I will be sharing but not all of it will be in print. That's right! We are moving to a semi vlog format people! Come visit me at Wifommy "vlog" on Facebook! One thing I've …

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Nothing To Write

Remember me saying before that I would not write something just to write something? Remember me saying that I would only write as the Lord leads? Welp, I got nothing. I've tried to come up with some thought that lead to something productive.  I've tried to remember blog post ideas that I neglected to write …

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It’s Been A Long While

I am still here. I feel like I've said that several times this year in several posts.  I hate abandoned blogs and I vowed not to be one of them.  If I quit a blog, I will write an I quit post so new readers know not to expect new content. I don't foresee that …

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