I Guess The Creek Rose

Blog burnout?  I guess that is what you could call it but I don’t think that term is accurate in this case.  I don’t write just to write.  I don’t write to toot my own horn.  Actually, for me, blogging is very humbling.  Your pride has to be set aside to do this.

I couldn’t write.  I didn’t have anything to say.  I couldn’t tell if it was because I had a bout with inadequacy (I read a friend’s blog and was completely blown away with how well written it was and how large her following is), if I had sin in my life and couldn’t hear the Lord clearly, or what.

I believe I got caught up in trying to force a post instead of letting God do what He’s going to do.  No, that’s not true.  I don’t believe I got caught up in that.  I was caught up in that.  I tied myself down to post deadlines that I wanted to go by.  I do believe that originally scheduling posts to go up Monday’s and Thursday’s were from God but I didn’t leave room for Him to redirect, and certainly not redirect midstream.

If there is an audience involved, I prefer to make things clear, have set expectations explained, etc.  So, for instance with this blog, if I said posts are going to be Monday and Thursdays by 10AM, that is what they are supposed to be.  To me, I would be wrong to post any later than 10AM or outside of the days I already stated.  I don’t believe those expectations are incorrect but holding fast to my principles instead of being open to God’s directing is wrong.

As far as the frequency of this blog is concerned, all I know is that I can post on Monday’s.  No set time has been given but I can say if I write it early and set it to publish on Monday, I will set the time for 10AM but don’t hold me to that.  That is how I got myself in trouble the last time.  Something will be up sometime on Monday’s.

Thank you for being on this journey of growth with me!


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