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When Did I Forget She Was A Child?

Here's the truth. I have been riding Jazmine ever since she was a toddler to get her to be the perfect child.  By perfect, I mean obedient.  The child that rarely makes mistakes or missteps.  The child that 'gets it' the first time. The child that is the ideal child at every age and stage.  …

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Easter Sunday 2018

It is Saturday evening, Easter Eve if you will. We are getting together for dinner at our house with some friends tomorrow.  Husband said we should open up the dinner to others since it was a holiday.  I made some inquiries but no one else is able to come. As I was preparing tomorrow's meal, …

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Finding Sufficiency In Christ?

I've been taught that problem's purpose is so you can rediscover sufficiency in Christ. I just read here how Mandisa struggled with the passing of a close friend. Kelly Irvin, the blog's author, talks of her battle with cancer. I have been open about wanting a large family and not having it. Longings and desires …

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Puberty And Potty Training

As Jazmine eagerly awaits her body changes, Baby Grace shows then shies away from potty independence. It is quite the spectrum we have here in the Lee household. On one hand, we are watching our flower blossom.  On the other hand, our sweet cherub is turning into quite the tyrant. As a mom who enjoys like-mindedness …

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I Don’t Want Worldly Children

Raising pagan or worldly children is one of my biggest fears.  I don't say that to mean that I expect my child never to veer off the straight and narrow way. I say that to mean I don't want to call myself raising my child in a Christian household when the only "Christian" thing about …

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