Kierra’s Body Scrub

Kierra (check her out at makes a homemade body scrub.  She came up with it by looking at a lot of homemade recipes online but decided that most of them had too many ingredients.  By comparison, she saw that there were only three ingredients that were necessary for a good scrub.  Sugar (scrub), olive oil (moisturizer), and honey (to keep it all together)!  She uses it for her lips.  I went whole hog and tried it out on my entire body.  I LOVE IT!!!  It is very basic.  You can substitute the oil for another oil you prefer.  You can add an essential oil or other oil for fragrance.  Here is a picture of what mine looks like.


white sugar                                                                                                                                                                        olive oil                                                                                                                                                                     honey


3 thoughts on “Kierra’s Body Scrub

  1. Xara

    You don’t even need lotion, at least not immediately afterwards, when you use this on your body. That’s been my experience. Speaking of which, I need to make some more now!

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