I said previously on another post that I will write as often as God leads.  Well, a sista discovered that I can schedule when a post is made!  Woo woo woo woo!  Does that mean that I am no longer going to write when lead?  On the contrary!  That just means that I can write as often as I am led!  It used to be that I would put off writing because the post would be too close together.  (I’m talking same day back to back post.) But soon, because there was much I had to write, I would post it anyway.  Often having posted each day.  The times of the post were in the wee hours of the morning so it would give the appearance that they were more spread out then they were.

Most recently, I was posting every other day.  I would write and then have the oldest post published in succession.  So, the post that went up one day might have been written a week about a week ago.  Every other day was a bit taxing for me.  Even though I several post scheduled at a time, they were going too quickly.  Having 6 post scheduled at a time should have lasted me a couple of weeks instead of a week and a half!  If you didn’t know before, blogging is a lot of work!  It is a real investment of time.

I’m trying to be consistent when I publish the post so that readers have an idea when to expect a new one.  So, for now, unless God directs me differently, new posts will publish Mondays and Thursdays…Lord willing and the creek don’t rise.


2 thoughts on “Frequency

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