Foot Splints

These ———->shopping

jacked my feet up.

I thought I was doing something good for my feet by wearing post running slides.  I ended up putting tremendous strain on the sides of each of my feet. My feet ached when I walked.  When walking from a seated position or rising from prone, I walked like an elderly person. It was horrible.  I saw my Podiatrist after months of pain.  I had pain on the outer part of the top of each foot. When I moved certain ways, it felt like I was breaking small bones in my feet. After months, I attributed the pain to the new house shoes I wore (pictured above). I stopped wearing them immediately and went barefoot while in the house. Feet felt better for a while but they still hurt.

m_AthleticSeriesSport_front_560x770I was told to try inserts. (Do not go cheap with your feet. $8 inserts are not awesome). After a couple of pairs, I felt a difference but they still hurt when I walked barefoot.  My Podiatrist diagnosed me with foot splints.  He said it was like shin splints but in my feet.  I’ve had shin splints and they take a while to heal and can be easily aggravated. I didn’t know how I was going to get healing in my feet. My feet hurt like I broke something and I was afraid he was going to tell me I needed to wear a boot again. During my appointment with my awesome podiatrist, he kudos my wearing inserts but also suggested to get shoes to walk around in while at home. Shoes, not slides. To help with my pain, and usher in healing, he said to soak them in hot water. I thought a heating pad on them would suffice but no, hot water.  131073462090162pA heating pad is more convenient to use and required no time for me to carve out to do this for myself. More self-care. I carved out the time and soaked my feet anywhere between 15-30 minutes. I added dead sea salt and essential oils.  I ended up nixing the oils.  Oil and water don’t mix after all . The oil floated on the top and added no extra benefit to my ailing feet.  I would add them to my moisturizer and lotion my feet with oils to help with pain (Copaiba being one oil).



After two weeks of hot water soaks, inserts in all of my shoes, and using house shoes, I am foot splint free!


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