Previously, I said in “Is this a blog? Well no at least not yet” I felt lead by the Lord to start the blog from the focal point of being an bonus mom for other bonus moms out there.  Today, He tugged at my heart that this blog is for all women who want to grow in Jesus.  (“Put your big girl panties on” is the phrase that comes to mind when I think of this).  The principles and application of God’s Word that God shows are applicable to all women period.  However, God knows His girls.  He knows that at times, we won’t hear His solutions to our lives circumstances unless they come from a girl who’s been there or who still is “there” but has overcome an area you struggle with.   That statement of fact is made perfectly clear by the writer of this blog.  I basically said I thought this blog was going to be for bonus moms by a bonus mom.  Leave it to the Almighty to tell you about yourself when you think you are simply here to impart His truths to others.  God is good!


2 thoughts on “REMIX!

  1. There’s an awesome serman/bible study by Beth more than talks about the word ‘remix’ as God taking us out of one life stage and moving us into another stage of life for His glory and the encouragement of others. It seems appropriate that this post is titled this – your blog is definitely a place of encouragement! Thank you 🙂
    — Lauren x

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