Self-care can not be defined or described with just one aspect as I formerly thought. I thought adequate self-care for me was to get out once or twice a month with my husband or girlfriends. I thought everyone, wifommys' in particular, should have their one thing that they did for self-care. However, the longer you …

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As much as I love my bonus children and never exclude them due to malice on my part, somewhere along the line, I separated my bonus mom life from my SAH wifommy life.  I can go through a week or more without having more than a wistful thought about my bonus children.  (Now that I …

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Standing 8 Count

Gym time, quite time, Bible Study preparation time, hubby time, me time, stay-at-home Mommy time, homeschooling time, household chores and responsibilities time, social time, blogging time, church blogging time, I got tired. I didn't slow down.  I just stopped. Something happened the week of Thanksgiving.  I got a hint, a taste, of time free of …

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