Father’s Are Important Too

Every other commercial, news outlet, sports program, and print advertisement told people that Mother's Day was near.  The date was given and the countdown was repeated. 'Mother's Day is in two weeks!  Mother's Day is next Sunday!  Mother's Day is tomorrow!  Don't forget about your mom!'  Could not enter a store without a sign giving …

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Here's what happened. Surprise surprise. All of the children were over for Father's Day weekend. Bella was on her menstrual cycle during her time with us. The first day she was here I asked her if she had enough supplies.  She said yes.  I reminded her where I keep the supplies and reminded her that …

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Do People Think?

Father's Day is next Sunday. My husband has already put feelers out to see if we can get my bonus children this weekend.  Since school is out, and no one is in camp this week, theoretically we should be able to get them before Friday or Saturday. Anthony is a go.  It's just a matter …

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