Happy New Year

Although I am pretty over it being a New Year, I thought I’d say it since I’d not written it here.

I was so excited. I was going to record my first video blog!  A few weeks ago, I logged into my YouTube account so all I had to do now was record something!  It should have been so easy. It’s been a few years since I attempted to video blog or vlog as its called, and a lot has changed since then. Apparently WordPress has caught on too.  In order for me to post a video on my site here, I have to purchase a premium package. I am not prepared to do that just yet.

Finding the time to do this blog isn’t the hardest part to overcome.  Finding the energy is. I was motivated by excitement tonight so my energy was high.  I thought I’d found an easier way to post that would allow me to post more frequently. Normally, my energy is so spent, I am too tired to wind down.  I just collapse in the bed.

I hope to get in my groove soon.  Until then, thank you for being supportive and patient.

Love, Xara



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