Not A Real Blogger


I met a “real” blogger a few weeks back. A mutual friend introduced us and through conversation, said friend proudly mentioned that she had a blog.  The blogger must have been pretty serious about it because she mentioned protecting her computer because in doing so, she was protecting her livelihood. I was impressed.  I have never met a “real” blogger before; one that has sponsors or sells ad space on their page.  I declined to ask about it further.  We were on a field trip and the setting didn’t seem appropriate plus the two of us didn’t hit it off (I am not everyone’s cup of tea (wink)) so I didn’t think the conversation would be fruitful to say the least.

Having met a “real” blogger, I immediately thought of my fledgling blog. I blog but I never considered myself a blogger.  Why?  Well for one thing, I don’t work this like a job, I blog anonymously, and the few times I’ve attempted to expand my social presence with Facebook and Twitter were unsuccessful because my heart wasn’t into pushing this blog further. Am I proud of this blog? Yes. Yes, I am. Very much so.  But this venture never began with a me focus.  I felt led by God to do this so I did.

I check my blog stats.  I can see how many views I get per day. I can see what my most popular posts are.  I can see that it is rare that anyone reads the most recent post I publish. That’s fine.  I keep my eyes on my why and my why is Christ.  I am not ashamed of this blog but having met a “real” blogger, I can tell you there is a HUGE difference between someone who has a blog and someone who is a blogger.

Much success to both camps!


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