Moment Stealer

This is a moment stealer.  images

As readily as it is available to capture special, precious moments with my family, it can also just as easily steal time away from them.  Just as easy at it is to connect our family over the distant miles, it can also add many miles between people sitting in the same room.

Just look at this!


I have seen it in restaurants countless times.  I saw it most recently at an event I attended which you will read about next week. I am so ashamed to say that I actually caught myself doing it today.  In that moment, I was convicted to change my ways.

I was changing Baby Grace. I reached for my phone to respond to a text message.  I was in conversation with a family member about the day’s scheduled events. I quickly typed in my response and sent it off but instead of putting my phone down, I, out of a terrible habit, did a cell phone check.  I checked to see if I had any new emails, checked to see if I had any Facebook notifications, then proceeded to start playing a game on my phone. I was not expecting any important or time sensitive emails.  Nothing is ever going on on Facebook that is that important to check a notification.  I didn’t have any spare time to play a game as it was!  I was trying to keep a 7yr old on task while tending to a baby and making sure I didn’t look like a train wreck.

It was in that moment that I looked at my phone and called it what it was. A thief.

That is not an accurate statement.  A phone can do neither right nor wrong.  It is an inanimate object. It has no soul. I have a soul.  I can do right or wrong. I chose to use my smart phone to make unwise decisions with my time.  As I was finished checking my Facebook notifications and before my game app finished loading, I heard Baby Grace talk (coo).  I looked at her laying there and she was smiling up at me. I looked back at my phone and said, “No more.”

I will not allow my phone usage to steal precious moments with my children.  I will not model being engrossed in my electronics as “what adults do” for my children.  I will be present with them.  I will not be a slave to my electronic devices. I will, with the help of the Almighty, exercise self-control in that area of my life.

Who’s with me?


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