Betwix And Between

I am in full swing celebration mode about moving. I have mentally planned how to systematically move all of our things to our new home. I completed the first three phases of the move. They were very small phases but very important ones to me.

I have had some things housed at my parents home for thirteen years!  I could not wait to move them out of there and I finally have!

In the midst of that excitement, I noticed that my husband wasn’t as enthused.  I know this man wanted this move so that is not the issue.  Bella graduates in a few days and I know he thinks of that. He has a sermon to prepare and that is constantly on his mind. We have a very busy weekend full of obligations (most very fun obligations) and no time to move the way we wanted initially. We have decided on a soft move; moving things over very slowly especially since our new home is maybe three minutes from the Ark. It should take us about a week. A slow move is still a move and in my mind, every day something has to be devoted to moving.

I was sharing my systematic moving plans with my husband. He was not pleased. After talks, he said he feels bad that I am moving our things and he can not help me. So now, I am stuck between what I want to do and what I think I should do.  I think I should defer to his feelings but I want to move.  I am the one usually around the house every day.  He is often gone so my longing to leave is a bit different from his. I don’t want to be in this house more than I have to be.  I want to be moved into my home ASAP.  I am moving with a baby and a 7 yr old in tow so you know I am serious!

I think we’ve come to a happy compromise. We said we can go look at and purchase some furniture. That is not the same as moving BUT it is just as productive. Plus, its shopping! I’ll take it!


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