Free From The Ark!

HE opened the door! God did it!  We signed a lease for our new home this week!

After I got the call, I fell on my face several times in praise and thanksgiving to God for making a way out of no way.We had the hardest time finding a place to rent to us.  To home owners, we were too risky a tenant or didn’t meet the criteria for broker agencies. We were at our wits end.  We couldn’t find a spot to rent to us in the city we wanted to move.  Other cities we considered were either too far or really not where we wanted to move but would move there out of sheer desperation to move out.  Praise be to God, we found a place and, as we asked Him, the process was seamless. I had such peace.

Walking in to deliver yet another application, with another application fee, to wait and see if we were accepted, was not fun.  It felt like a lions den experience. I knew the Lord was with me in the moment and was in my future as well but it was a scary walk that, although He was with me, I had to do anyway. My fear didn’t change that fact.

I put stuff in our van earlier that day so that when we got the keys, I could put something in our new home.  I had envisioned that moment for sooo long.  To actually experience it was surreal and wonderful! I have my own kitchen! I can nurse with my entire breast out! I can wash clothes at anytime I want without guilt! I can have a messy house for a few days while (from chores I’ve started and had to stop due to tending to an infant or parenting a 7 yr old) without any other adult other then my husband seeing it!

I look forward to being completely moved in!



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