Post-Natal Recovery Past The Physical

While I was still pregnant, I gave myself loads of grace for my recovery period.  My plan was to put Lee academy in recess for three weeks and told myself I would do nothing unnecessary during that time once I was home after the baby was born.  I was prepared for a harder recovery period.  Once I understood that I was going to have another C-section, I resolved myself to the painful recovery.

Well, surprise, surprise! My recovery, though painful, was short-lived.

Once I was unhooked from everything, I was taking walks at the hospital and taking full laps around the Maternity Ward at that.  With Jazmine, I couldn’t make it all the way around without taking a break. This time around, I would do it at least twice in a 24 hour period. When I was discharged from the hospital and we were in the car, I walked back to the room to retrieve my cell phone.  It was a long walk for a post op patient and I wasn’t moving Xara fast but I wasn’t in pain. Once I got home, I was going up and down the stairs pretty well.

By the end of the week, I didn’t need to take any more prescription pain relieving drugs. I was doing really well.  I couldn’t drive but my mother and my husband would take me and the girls different places for as long as I could stand it. With all that great physical recovery going on,  I forgot about the rest of it.

My brain needs to recover.  My emotions need to recover.  I need to adjust to my new normal. For almost seven years, I’ve had one child. After she was potty trained, we were a get-up-and-go duo. No restrictions. Carefree. I could plan a long day and execute it.  Now, I have difficulty planning a shower!  That is to be expected and I relish this new long awaited normal but it is an adjustment to my mind. I have to remind myself not to get back to my maverick pace.

There are things I long to do.  I look forward to exercising again.  I can’t wait to walk a 5k with baby Grace in tow. Those things will have to wait.  They will come in time.

This recovery is different than expected or planned for but is still recovery.  My nights are very long and my days don’t begin until late morning. Our household runs a few hours behind what is considered a normal schedule. I have to extend grace to myself to accept that. I get out when I feel like the walls are closing in on me.  I cocoon myself away from extended family when I need to.  I stop berating myself when I am late with a blog post 🙂

My recovery is far past the physical. Now that I have experienced this, I look forward to helping others understand this too.


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