She’s Here!

On Friday, February 22,2016, our long awaited prayer baby made her way into the world! Weighing in at 8lbs 1.1 oz and 21.5 inches long, Ms. Baby Grace met her parents for the first time at 8:53PM.  Here is a picture of her precious (long) feet!

I thought I would be living in a dream state after she was born.  I thought I would be reminiscent of the entire journey.  Turns out, I am reminiscent of all the struggles God has brought us through during this pregnancy. I’ve told a few people that the happiest part of the pregnancy was seeing the positive sign on the pregnancy test.  That was a Sunday and from that Sunday to the following Wednesday, it was lovely. I was so excited to be pregnant and I couldn’t wait to get further along in the pregnancy. Then week 6 happened and it was all an uphill journey from there.

The last two weeks of this pregnancy was totally unexpected.

I would go in for a routine exam only to learn that my blood pressure was sky high and I had protein in my urine.  The doctor sent me directly to Labor and Delivery to be monitored.  This happened at least 4 times in the two weeks leading up to her birth and each and every time, I was sent back home having been cleared from having preeclampsia (which was a blessing).  In that same time span, it was suggested that I take another (my third) glucose screening test. This time, it was positive and they told me (a person deathly afraid of needles) to prick my finger four times a day to check my blood sugar. Add to that, I was scheduled to have a biophysical profile (BPP) each week leading to delivery.  I was excited about that because I didn’t have a recent pictures of what my baby girl looked like in utero. During the first BPP, it was discovered that I had an elevated level of amniotic fluid.  I had never heard of such a thing!  I had always heard of low fluid but not high fluid.

With all that was being discovered with each and every doctor’s visit, my midwife wasn’t comfortable allowing me to be pregnant for too much longer. Not having a VBAC as I planned was a bummer but I was truly tired of being pregnant and gladly went along with the midwife when she said that I would be delivering later that evening.

The delivery was horrendous! I am not exaggerating either but those details are for another post.

I was allowed to leave the hospital a day before I thought I was going to be able to. But wouldn’t you know it? It snowed! I had a vow to keep. I told the Lord that I would go to the alter with Baby Grace to thank Him for her.  I made that vow before I even conceived. I needed to go to complete the circle.  I went to the alter three times begging God for a baby. I went to the alter thanking God for the baby once I took the pregnancy test.  I was going back to the alter to thank God for the birth of our baby…but it snowed!  I couldn’t get to the alter! I felt terrible but my husband reminded me that the Lord wouldn’t be angry with me for not getting there when I wanted to. I did get there. I was delayed a few days for different reasons, but I did get there. I thanked God for bringing Baby Grace to pass and asked for his help to raise her according to His Word.


Made it to the alter

I stand in awe of what God has brought to pass! Hallelujah!


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