No Schooling Is Easy

Jazmine is the only homeschooled child in our peer circle. Outside of our homeschooling community, she has no homeschooled peers.

This can be challenging because her peers usually talk about how great going to school is. They talk about how they get to raise their hand in class, take the bus in the morning, change class rooms, and see all of their friends. All this bragging usually leaves my homeschooler feeling like she is missing out on all school has to offer.

I have talked about how this pregnancy has not been easy. Adding homeschooling to the mix of pregnancy fatigue, moodiness, aches and pains, does nothing to enhance the experience in a positive way. I have often considered that it might be better for Jazmine, and myself, if I sent her to school instead.

I started to suffer from stinkin’ thinkin’.  I began to think that afternoon homework would be easier than homeschooling for a few hours.  I began to think that Jazmine would do better without me.  I began to think that, a charter school schedule would allow for her to get outside play time everyday and not just when I was up to it.

Praise God for clarity!

I have read too many Facebook posts from parents who have nightly struggles with homework.  Too many posts that do not like their child’s learning environment. Too many posts where parents fill in the voids of schooling with other enrichment activities.

I have read too many posts to believe that ANY school is easy.

Hard times in school come to us all regardless of how we choose to school our children. Some concepts are going to kick our butts.  Some subjects are going to be nightmares.  Some schedules are going to be hard to bear at different stages of life.  We struggle through it.  We push through it.  We persevere. Period.

There is no easy out. There is no alternative that makes it all go away. Parenting is hard work.  That does not change.  If its not a school struggle, its a discipline struggle.  If it’s not a age related struggle, its a time management struggle. Nothing makes it disappear. So do not despair. Plow ahead.  You are doing great!



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