I’m Going To Enjoy This

Today’s Sabbath was like most others.  We went to church, came home, ate dinner, and took a nap.  We are house hunting and walked through a house early evening today. After that, we came back home, I got into my pajamas and relaxed in the bed.

The first nap I took was needed. The last few days have been pretty packed and I needed the rest. The second time I laid across the bed, I was not sleepy.  I wasn’t even tired really. I just wanted to lay down so I did. I thought about that for a minute; laying down just because I could. I didn’t feel guilty because today is a rest day for all of us in the house so it wasn’t like I was chillin’ and everyone else was busy with something. I didn’t try to come up with an excuse as to why I needed to justify this needless rest. I just decided to enjoy this pregnancy.

We have waited and endured the wait to conceive. Now that it is finally here, I WILL enjoy it.  There is plenty to do and my to-do list this week is not short but I will take time to smell the roses. I will take pregnancy time outs even when I don’t really need them. I will take them because I can. I will take them because this time is special and precious and I will not miss out on it.  I am no longer trying to keep up with fit-mom whose exercise habits haven’t changed much since becoming pregnant.  I am no longer trying to keep up with active on-the-go mom whose baby bump is an accessory that has to conform to her life. I tried to keep up with those ladies.  I wanted to be them. I wanted that to be my story but it is not.

Instead, I am going to pave my own way.  At times, I may look like fit-mom.  At other times, I may look like active on-the-go-mom. Now days, I may resemble bon-bon-eating-expectant-mom and, although I am okay with that label, that’s not really me either.

I am a grateful mom. I am a thankful mom.  I am a mother who knows that pregnancy is not a guarantee available to you whenever you get the notion.  I am a mother who will be more appreciative of the moments and not allow the pressures of the world for women/mothers to be “more than” to dictate my steps because I know Someone who is more than enough.


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