Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) is studying Revelation this year. Their approach to it is very systematic. So far, we’ve learned what Biblical prophecy is and what it is not.  One of the points that was made has resonated in my mind since rehearing it.

Jeremiah 28:9 says As for the prophet who prophesies of peace, when the word of the prophet comes to pass, the prophet will be known as one whom the Lord has truly sent.

The Bible says that you can tell if a prophet is true by whether or not the words the prophet speaks comes to pass.  I can tell if what I believe God has said to me is true by whether or not that word comes to pass.

(I thought I wrote about this next part but I can’t seem to find the post). I attended a Women of Faith Conference maybe three years ago.  While there, I remember asking God what He wanted me to do in life.  Should I go back to work? Was I to have more children? Those were the major questions.  I wanted to continue to stay home with Jazmine and be home for my husband.  I wanted twin boys. As I asked in earnest and placed my desires before God for Him to wipe away or change, He confirmed that I was to stay home and then He surprised me by saying that I would have twin boys.  I was so excited!

Immediately, I started looking for by twin boys.  If you’ve followed this blog long enough, you know how the journey has been.

Back to the present.

Today was our gender reveal. It was much better than I had ever expected it to be.  My husband’s cousin did a FANTASTIC job making this day super special. (If you’d like to know exactly what happened and how, let me know). We found out that we are having a girl.

Now, I have been calling this baby a ‘he’ since day one.  I knew my husband wanted a boy and had been threatening that this would be our last child. That did not jive with what God told me. Let me back track a bit.

Last December, some very dear friends of ours were awaiting the birth of their second child and first son. Their daughter’s name has syllables. The wanted their son to have a syllable name as well.  I began to help by reading off names from a site I found.  I froze when I came across a name that I had reserved for one of my twin boys.  I was so afraid they would use my name.  The name I picked for my son would be perfect for them. I tried to be a big girl and let the name go, but I couldn’t.  I took my concern and anxiety to the Lord.  I said, “Lord, if this” meaning having twin boys, “is really for me, please don’t let them use this name.”  Their son was born and his name is not the name I have in reserve.

That was a huge hurdle for me.  It could only have gone one of two ways. Either God’s word was confirmed or it wasn’t God’s word at all.  I’m sure you’re saying, how can you say that? How can you base all of that on a name?  Well, I will tell you.  I have had at least one name in reserve ever since God said I would have the twins.  Their names have been set from the beginning.  The names and God’s answer to me happened in the same space of time. For me, they are synonymous.

Back to today. My first sonogram back in June showed one baby.  My second sonogram in July showed one baby.  I was hoping for a hidden twin but yesterday’s sonogram showed one baby.  In my mind, again, it could only go one of two ways.  Either God’s word was confirmed (I was having a girl), or it wasn’t God’s word at all (I was having one boy).

God confirmed His word once more to me.  My heart is so full. I look forward to seeing my baby girl’s face! I look forward to conceiving again and having my boys too but today, I am basking in the pink glow!



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