I’m Pregnant….

No, I am not milking the announcement. In fact, this is not an additional announcement.  It is a statement of fact that I am digesting.

I have had a hard time allowing myself to be pregnant.  I get tired much more quickly. Food is still not always pleasant.  I am uncomfortable.  I don’t remember having all of this the first time around.  Tiredness, yes.  I had food aversions but not in the second trimester. I didn’t start to feel uncomfortable until my third trimester with Jazmine.  This time around, everything is all amuck!

I look forward to this baby’s arrival but I wish I could fast forward to February now. After having days like today, I don’t think I will make it.

I understand that each pregnancy is different but knowing it and experiencing it is something else!  I am on the receiving end of my own advice and it isn’t doing me any good!

The baby has already punked me.  How so you ask? I’ll tell you.

I have been uncomfortable (holding my belly and just feeling miserable) since week 6. I’ve been taking it easy and being ginger when I can. I know I gained weight but didn’t think it would be so bad at this point. It couldn’t have been from eating because I do far less of that these days. Boy was I wrong!  My midwife said I gained 19 pounds already!  That is the total amount I am to gain for the entire pregnancy! I couldn’t tolerate my daily green smoothies so I had to quit those.  They would leave me curled up in the fetal position for an hour or so. After my appointment and hearing that news, I decided to push through and get back to being active.  I started to log my food again and purposefully tried to up my protein intake. My midwife mentioned gestational diabetes…I hate needles…it can’t happen captain!

All my recent efforts have allowed me to lose a pound.  I am STILL tired, uncomfortable, and have a love hate relationship with food. I didn’t think I was far enough along to allow myself to be pregnant.  I thought once I was showing I could “act” pregnant.


I’m pregnant and I can’t help but act pregnant because there is a baby growing inside of me. I will remain active, and wear my maternity band because my clothes don’t fit (whether from fat or from baby who cares!), and attempt to pick the “right” foods but choose to eat what won’t make me nauseous at the thought or have not ended well thus far.

That is all.


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