Woman! Beware of the Pitfalls! Part 1: Crushed By Your Own Standards

Behaving as a victim of her own standards and demanding everyone in earshot do the same  –http://shereadstruth.com/2015/07/22/martha/


This statement began the entire thought process for this series.

A huge pitfall that women face is becoming a victim of the very standards we have for ourselves and then demanding that others meet that same standard. Let me give you a real life example.

Standard: You must never be late.

Martha is always on time and is very self righteous in her timeliness.  There is never an acceptable reason or excuse for one to be late in her book. However, one day, Martha was late. Not only was she late, she was the last person to arrive when everyone else in her party was gassed up an ready to go. She walked without haste to the waiting cars and did not apologize but she did exude an air of you-better-not-say-anything-to-me-about-being-late because if you do, I’m going to let you have it. So she forced her ill temper on everyone else in the party. If the situation was reversed, she would have found a way to let the tardy person know how she felt about her tardiness.

That is a general example but you can see how the effect of your standards can ripple toward others. Not only are you crushed by your own standards but you crush others with it.  Standards in and of themselves are not the problem.  Our take on our standards can be problematic.

Martha’s take on her standard was that it is the rule at all cost.  When she fell victim to it, instead of assessing her standard, she enforced her failure on others.

Let us stock of our own standards.  If we are crushed by them, how might they be making others feel?


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