The count down has begun!

We are less than 24 hours away from all of the big kids returning back to their mothers!


I need them to go.

I am beginning to hate the month of July.  This July was harder because I was dealing with first trimester symptoms on top what turned out to be a grueling schedule.  The schedule would have remained fun and enjoyable had it not been for the fatigue, sour stomach, and just an overall feeling of being uncomfortable. I will GLADLY those symptoms because I want my baby but had I known I was going to be pregnant, I would not have committed to the schedule I had.

We had a business trip, family vacation, and a day at the amusement park.  I hate to admit it but it was too much for this pregnant lady.  Others could have handled it well but I could not.

It wasn’t just the activity.  It was the family dynamic.

Bella is almost 17 now and, had she been a grown woman who I met, we would be on a hi/bye level of association and nothing more.  But because she is husband’s daughter, I do a lot more ‘grin and bear it’ instead of cut loose and run away. Anthony is 13 and has been with us the longest this summer.  Ever since he was little, after a few weeks, we both would look at each other with a ‘I am ready to go back to my life now’ expression. This year, that time has come and gone but we could not be rid of each other just yet. Scott is 12 and is a bit of a drama king. He is 100% male and full boy but enjoys dramatic behaviors and speech. I hate drama.  As soon as I detect drama, I do an about-face and walk away.  Can’t do that here.

Much of July has felt like an imprisonment that I needed to grow through. Not that the imprisonment would leave or lessen, but one that I had to learn how to navigate in through Christ. I have truly embraced the mindset that I cannot change any aspect of my big kids in any visit they have with us. I can only impart wisdom, live life in front of them, and practice what I preach. If I had to grade myself, I would give myself a C- for July.  I was probably better but because of my overall crappy feeling, I can’t be sure I didn’t earn that grade.

I have mapped out this final day of a house full before I return to my glorious regular life! After two of the four come in from outside, they will eat lunch.  After lunch, I will run to the Redbox and get a movie for them to enjoy. After that, it will be time for my husband to take Bella to work (yes, girlfriend has a job) and he is taking everyone with him (WOOHOO!) When they return it will be time for dinner and then to pack up for tomorrow’s departure (YIPPEE!). After that, bed.  The first departure is at 8AM tomorrow and the second departure is at 10:30AM. When I walk back into this house at noon, I will be one happy chick!

Now, just for the record, I know as anxious as I am for these children to be gone, they are equally as anxious to get up out of here as well. Works for me!


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