This has been such a long time coming that I had a hard time believing it myself. It is truly a gift from God to be pregnant especially after trying for so long. “So long” is a relative term but having been, now, on both sides, “so long” is any length of time you desperately want something to happen and it hasn’t.  Your longing for your desire to come to pass makes waiting seem interminable.

I found out we were expecting Father’s Day. I keep looking back at the stick because I was totally shocked.  My PMS symptoms were the same as before and I could have sworn I was pregnant each and every time then as well. I made an appointment as soon as possible to make sure the baby was in my uterus. He is and our due date is somewhere between February 25-March 10.

I thought I would be more expressive in my excitement; more giddy.  I’m not. I was the day we found out.  I couldn’t wait to tell Jazmine but my husband wanted to keep it quiet until I was a bit further along.  After he found out the baby was in the right place, all bets were off 🙂

Honestly, I feel humbled, grateful, and in awe of God. I told Him since I publicly asked Him to open my womb, I would also publicly thank Him as soon as I conceived.  I did that today.  I was in tears at the altar. Just in awe at God.

I don’t think I am handling the first trimester well. Week 6/7 was not at all fun. I have not vomited but I have a pretty constant feeling of a sour stomach and when I have temporary relief from that, I feel like I am not pregnant and begin to worry about my baby.  My breasts are huge and I mean vastly swollen. My husband said they are as large as Rasputia from Norbit.  I wasn’t a small cup size to begin with so now, they are quite pornographic. They are so sore (especially the nipple) that any contact with them (shirts included) is painful.

I am nine weeks along.


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