I Miss My Daughter…

Do not be alarmed. Jazmine is fine. She is healthy and I know exactly where she is. She is in the bedroom next to mine, sound asleep with her cousin. She went to bed clean and with a full belly.

With the exception of five days straight earlier this month, we have occupied the same space all summer long. Why then do I miss her you ask? Because she has spent every waking hour with one of her siblings. It’s been hard for me to catch a kiss, a hug, or any quality time with her since Father’s Day. I’m glad she loves her siblings and wants to be around them but I miss my baby!

It is not mature of me to act on my feelings by carving out a space for just the two of us during the weeks the big kids are here. The child is with me 24/7 365. I occupy most of her time. This is an exciting change of pace for her regardless of how I look forward to our normal routine. I can grow through this but I miss my baby!

I can only assume that this is what Anthony’s mother felt like. Last year, the boy stayed two weeks. Two whole stinking weeks and that chick had to come see him after 7 days. I was through. She bought him food (a pan of fried chicken and some pears, I kid you not) and tennis shoes to try on. I kept thinking ‘chick, get over it’. The boy was 12 years old at the time and it was only 14 days of the ENTIRE summer! 

I now find myself repeating that same phrase to me, only louder.


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