When It Sucks To Be The Stronger Person

Unjust is the word that comes to mind. Unfairness is a close second.

Think of the person who strives to grow in the Lord; to grow and mature in Him throughout their life.  Hardships, tough times, never-ending tears, they give it all to Him. It causes them to grow in Him.  It has also caused them to act on the wisdom of His word but all of that comes with a price.

It’s quite painful to bear. It feels grossly unfair. All of that growth and spiritual maturity gets them no props.  They may find myself picked over, left out, and discarded. Why? Because, in the eyes of others, they can take it. Not only can they take it but it is also assumed that their feelings don’t get hurt.

The more mature, the more godly strength that person acts on, the more they am treated like a second class citizen. Or so it seems.

Normal niceties are not applied. Normal considerations are over looked. Instead they are treated as one who can deal with it and thereby should deal with it. Others, they will readjust schedules to make things work but when it comes to the mature one, no such considerations are given. Why? Because the mature one believes, acts on, and is in the habit of declaring that their ability to make and event should not stop someone else from enjoying it.  The world does not revolve around them.

It sucks at times but once that comprehension dawns and you accept that you are treated that way because others feel as though they do not have to coddle you or pay extra attention to your moods, that is exactly what you want them to think for that is who you are.  We just didn’t know it came with those “consequences”.

Receive that treatment as a badge of honor. Grow through the unexpected punches. Learn to expect them but don’t pre-treat people in anticipation of them overlooking you. Remain strong.  Keep your big girl panties on.  Keep it moving.  Keep your head looking up to the hills from whence cometh your help (Psalm 121:1).



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