Dear Snobby Homeschool Mom

Dear Snobby Homeschool Mom,

Let me begin by first saying that I am not in opposition to you or your choices for your household.  I am not coming against you for your choices.  I do, however, not appreciate how you go about declaring your choices.

As a parent, you decide what and how much technology (TV, mobile devices, computer, etc) your child is allowed to partake it.  As a parent, you decide what curriculum you use for your child(ren). As a parent, you decide what fashion indulgences you allow your offspring to show to the world.

Those are your decisions for your household and rightly so.  I take no issue with your choices.

However, at every homeschool gathering, I do not need to nor do I want to hear your dismissal of all things other than what you do in your house.  In speaking about your curriculum choices, it does not need to be said how much you loathe another.  Specifically speaking, you do not need to trash a math curriculum that you know another family uses!  That is rude.  You should not need to trash another in order to make your choices seem more relevant.

You don’t need to talk about the amazing field trips you and yours take without offering the same information to others in the group.  We are a homeschooling community.  Your family doesn’t have to take other families with you on your trips if you prefer to go it solo but sharing that information does not cost you anything.  I am pretty sure I am correct in assuming that someone else told you or made you aware of more than half of the information you know.  Share and share alike!  Quit the hoarder of information attitude.

You have made it abundantly clear that your family does not watch television.  At every opportunity, you’ve made it known that you don’t even own a television.  I get it. Good for you! It takes great sacrifice to do without something if you have grown to rely on it. Again, I do not fault your choices but tooting about the absence of television in your home and how that is so beneficial for your children after a conversation centered around the next episode of Big Bang Theory, is ill timed. It did not need to be said and it certainly did not need to be said at that time.

It is hard enough to homsechool in an environment that causes us to defend our position. We should not have to defend ourselves amongst ourselves. You don’t have to agree but you also don’t have to speak your disagreement.


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