Determined Not To Lose

With the end of the school year fast approaching, inevitable changes are on the horizon. A chid gets older, matures more, and spends the summer preparing to enter the next grade level. We take this time, between now and the beginning of the new school year, to critique our calendars. We look at all the activities we are already committed to, new activities we are deciding on, the interest of our child(ren), time commitment, money commitment, family time etc etc etc to see what can or needs to be cut or added to our calendars.


As the sun sets on one part of life, it simultaneously begins anew.
As the sun sets on one part of life, it simultaneously begins anew.

I was with a group of homeschooling moms yesterday at a rare night out without children.  (Yes, I do get out but it is hard to wrangle a group of homeschooling moms together without children.)  I heard a variety of summer plans and school plans for the following year.  Each family has been and continues to go in the direction that works for their family. I admit, it was hard to hear.

My little group of ladies, whom I was introduced to at the very beginning of our homeschooling journey, was parting ways. Some of those I was closest too, I will not see on a regular basis through shared activities. This exciting time, this relaxing time, this winding down time, this time of planning for next year, has come with some sadness. Jazmine and I will be going into new directions alone.  I started to feel so left behind.

My initial internal response was to pull back. I was readying myself to take the if-everybody-else-is-parting-ways-then-I-will-to.  I will leave them alone while we each pursue other directions. Quite frankly, I was pouting.  I remembered another time when I pouted.  I had a good friend in college.  She graduated before me and I pulled back from our friendship internally citing not wanting to take way from the new direction she was going in. That was the wrong move and I am determined NOT to make the same mistake again.

I will not pull back my friendship.  I will push forward into whatever direction the Lord has for me to go into without unnecessarily losing any friends in the process. I will be open to meeting new homeschooling families, not to replace, but to add to my current village.  I am excited for the other families and their journeys and I am also excited for ours and however it will look like for us…the Lee’s.


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