Homeschooled Not Standardized

The Lord’s words come to me at the oddest of times.

LamborghiniA woman’s mind works faster than a Lamborghini! (That is assuming a Lamborghini is one of the fastest cars.  I’m not a car chick so I wouldn’t know and I do not feel like doing the due diligence Google search to find out for the purpose of that sentence).  We can think on and about several hundred different, yet connected, things in our mind within the space of a few minutes.  I was on that Lamborghini ride of thought when the Lord cut in.

At the time, my thoughts were swirling about homeschooling, the curriculum purchases I made for the upcoming year, and how Jazmine compared to other kindergarteners.  I knew I should not have been comparing her but found myself skirting that line of thinking. I was thinking about all of this while brushing Jazmine’s teeth this morning.

First graders attending Zeta Public Elementary School can be compared with the first graders in Tau Public Elementary School. The third graders in Mrs. Chin’s class at Hanover Christian Academy can be compared to the other third graders in Mr. Lin’s class at the same school.  Both first graders in each school use the follow the same curriculum.  Both third grade classes at Hanover use the same curriculum.  They are following the same syllabus. The difference is the teacher and the classroom environment.  The subject, topic, and main points are all the same!  A first-grade parent of a child going to Zeta should have a lot in common with the first-grade parent of a child going to Tau when they discuss the woo’s of the first grade science project.  The science project is the same assignment for every first grader in every public elementary school in that state.  A parent of any third grader at Hanover Christian School will be familiar with any subject, homework, or test difficulty any other third-grade parent brings up because their children are following the same course outlines.

Homeschooled children can not be compared to anyone.  Each homschooler is different.  A family of five can use five different curriculums depending on the needs of each child and that’s just in ONE family!  Jazmine does not know currency yet.  She does not know the value of a nickel, quarter, dime etc. I picked up a Kindergarten math review book I was considering for the summer and it had currency problems in it.  I immediately felt like I had let Jazmine down.  She doesn’t know that and it seemed like every other Kindergartener was taught something that I missed.

God’s words broke through my haze.

Jaz isn’t behind.  She is right on par with learning math the way my husband and I decided we wanted it presented to her. She can count by fives and, in her math curriculum, will be learning currency in the fall.  Homeschooling isn’t standardized!  If you use Apologia science for third grade, you will learn Zoology the entire year.  Someone else will be using Abeka science and will not be learning Zoology for the entire year.  Those two students can not be compared to see who knows more.  They are both using good science curriculums and learning good stuff.  They are just not learning the same stuff at the same time.

This was such a freeing moment for me.  I hope it encourages you personally or use it to set someone else free from the comparing game.


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