A Great Debate

Every married couple has their own opinion on the subject. Some couples are in complete agreement on the subject and others vary to differing degrees. What am I talking about? Should married people have personal friends of the oposite sex (?).

Yes, I did just open up a big old can of worms 🙂

I have spoken to marrieds who believe that it is necessary for both husband and wife to have friends of the oposite sex.  I have spoken to marrieds that firmly believe that neither husband nor wife should have friends of the oposite sex.  And, of course, there are MANY variations based on circumstances and definitions of what exactly a friendship is. 

I am aware of a couple that (hopefully) should be planning on getting married this year. They are around good council. I know they have heard all of the major points: how to argue correctly, leaving parents and cleaving to spouse, money decisions, and the like. But I wonder what the rate of importance is for this subject?

Some people think this question goes without saying and make assumptions. Others like it nailed to the wall for easy reference 🙂

By nature, men are protectors. They desire to do (action word). They need to be responsible for others. They need to know that they are held in the highest regard by their wife.  By nature, women are relational creatures. We desire a strong sense of closeness to our husbands. We need to feel safe on all fronts: physically and emotionally. 

Regardless of personal views on the subject, these innate needs must be met INSIDE the marriage.  How it works out to look in your family may not necessarily work in another. As long as adultery is not being committed, a balance, an understanding, a willingness to die, must be the level of commitment between husband and wife.


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