Oops! I Didn’t Realize I Was Drinking My Own Kool-Aid

My Jazmine is a genius! I have always believed that.  Compared to others, I have abnormally high standards for children. I actually believe they are capable of more than what adults give them credit for. I have observed, and truly believe, that children begin learning as soon as they can lift their heads up.

I was impressed with how Jazmine grasped sign language during infancy.  I was impressed with how quickly she was able to formulate her thoughts and feelings and speak in complete sentences before she was two years old.  I have been impressed with how she carries herself.  Before Jazmine, I have not had the privilege of watching a child continuously grow before my eyes before and it has been a joy to see.

I still think my child is a genius.  I am still impressed with her but I have recently come to understand that I need to be more realistic with how I view her.  Up to this point, I have been conscious not to be a parent that views her child with an overly optimistic eye but I have stumbled upon an area where I was drinking my own Kool-Aid.

I thought my child’s natural aptitude in some areas would naturally overflow into some, most, if not all other parts of her.  Not so! My genius child is just as will-full, stubborn, and well into the testing-the-limits-of-her-autonomy phase of life as any other six-year-old.   All of that new-found Jazminetude affects how she approaches all aspects of her young life and completely subdues all of her Mommy deemed genius. Whoops!  Let me be more realistic of my child so I don’t put more on her little shoulders than need be because truth be told, she needs nothing on her shoulders at all. She is only six.


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