Satan Is A LIAR! Stop Following him!

God is not the author of confusion (1Cor. 14:33).  Satan is the father of lies (John 8:44).

As Christians, who read and live the Bible, we know this.

So why in the sam hill do we walk around believing the lie?

I told you guys in the last post how upset and distressed I have been over a broken relationship I have. The pain today is not as severe as it was a few weeks ago but there is still pain, there are still adjustments I am getting used to having to make, and there is still a longing for my friendship to be restored.  In my case, the other person is not a believer. I approached her about our conflict in the spirit of Christ and her response was worldly wisdom. I wish she was a believer!  This whole perception, misunderstanding, incomplete communication could all be cleared up!

There are quite a few relationships around me that are injured.  There are hurt feelings.  There are people who stand so solidly in their righteous acts that they will not hear the heart of the other party.  There are scabs on wounds that no one wants to admit to. IT HAS GOT TO STOP! IT HAS GOT TO STOP NOW!

This mess is completely unnecessary! Satan is a liar!  We walk in that statement every time a loved one gets sick. We declare Satan a liar and believe God will heal.  We turn a blind eye to any new symptom that threatens our faith that God will heal our loved one. But, when it comes to relationship issues with our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, we not only believe Satan’s lies, we readily accept his confusion AND choose to live that way! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!

I would make an absolute ninny of myself if I thought that might bring restoration to my broken friendship but folks are living life as if their brokenness has not effect on them at all.  LIE!

Folk think that others will get over it and they will be all right. LIE!

Folk think that they are still being obedient to God when they know a brother or sister has an offense against them. LIE!

Folk think that they don’t have to speak about the issue to the other party and that things will just resolve themselves, hurt feelings and all.  LIE!

I wish I could put all parties involved in broken relationships in one room and force them to fix it.

Most conflicts are rooted in misunderstandings:

  • Jumping to conclusions
  • Arriving at inaccurate conclusions
  • Speaking based off of assumptions
  • Unwilling to be vulnerable
  • Unwilling to admit that you were wrong
  • Not asking valid questions
  • Holding fast to your own perception(s) above all else
  • Unwilling to go back and revisit the issue for the sake of the other person
  • Unwilling to listen with your heart past your own feelings
  • Allowing your desire to be right rule all else
  • Unwilling to consider the source before arriving at a conclusion
  • Unwilling to accept someone else’s feelings as valid

It can stop.  It must stop.  It is unacceptable in the body of Christ. There is no side in a disagreement that declares your behavior righteous before God if you are guilty of living any of the things listed above.  God is crystal clear in His word.  If you have an offense against someone, go to them (Matt. 18:15). If you are aware someone has a offense against you, go to them (Matt. 5:23-24). There is no room for hold-on-to-your-feelings-until-you-are-ready-to-forgive-or-get-to-the-bottom-of-it.  That is crap. That is a lie. That is from Satan. Stop being obedient to the author of confusion and submit yourself to God not just in word but in deed (James 1:22, 4:7).


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