Sabbath Rest

I don’t know about you, but some questions about Christian topics stump me. Why we should or shouldn’t keep the Sabbath was one of them.

For a long time, I was a proponent that keeping the Sabbath, just like the rest of the Old Testament laws, were fulfilled in Christ work on the cross and were thus rendered null and void.  I was very comfortable with that. It is biblically true. Nuff said.

But then, the Holy Spirit started to get my attention.  I started getting uncomfortable with the thought of Sabbath rest.  It seemed like every time I picked up the Bible, everything I read had to do with the Sabbath. Prior to all of this, I asked God what (else) He wanted from me.  I wanted to know if there was an area in my life He wanted to change. I started to pay close attention to these stirrings regarding the Sabbath.

This was a slow process.  It began last year when I was in BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) and progressed once I began fasting. I was really torn; not because I didn’t think this was the Lord’s doing but because of all I would have to change in order to do it.  Some good friends of ours recently began keeping the Sabbath.  They began in earnest before we did so I was able to bounce things off of them.

My Saturday routine has really changed.  I have all the clothes that need to be washed, washed. That is not to say all laundry is complete or that that is the goal but I do have any clothing that is needed either Sunday or Monday clean and ready to go.  All Sunday school and Monday’s co-op preparation is complete. Dinner is decided and prepped. The only thing we allow ourselves to do Sunday is ministry or family related. No cleaning (of any kind unless it’s a spill, someone gets hurt etc), no prep cooking for the rest of the week, no work that I would normally do.

The outcome? Sweet relief!  I look forward to each and every Sabbath.  I recharge. I feel more rested Monday morning. I can think! It is truly great and is such a wonderful gift God has given us. I am so glad He prompted me to use it.


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