I Am Rich

We live with my mother-in-law, but I am rich.

My daughter, my husband, and I sleep in the same room, but I am rich.

My husband drives a hooptie, but I am rich.

In the eyes of my peers, I could have done a lot better, but I am rich.

Iced coffee is a luxury for me, but I am rich.

Splurging for me comes in fits and sputters, but I am rich.

I am rich in the intangibles.

I have a husband who loves me and emotionally spoils me and longs to spoil me with things too.  I have a daughter who I like and not just love. I have a mother-in-law who, although she can drive me absolutely nuts, would do anything to help me.

Sometimes, it is necessary to get still and take stock of what is really important in your life.  I hope you take time today to do the same.

Your wealth is dependent on your relationships; not your materials.





4 thoughts on “I Am Rich

  1. Tika

    YES! Relationships above material wealth. Love, love, love it!! Hold on to this truth, even when you see people who have “made it,” because those same people could very well be lonely and yearning for loving relationships.

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