What’s Really Important

I started to feel sorry for myself. My husband and Jazmine have been sick. I’ve made time for myself but it’s not been the family time I originally envisioned. Anthony is up for the week and I had all these fun memories I was hoping to create. Instead of fun there were fevers and sickies.

No New Year’s Eve party, no church service, no post-service party.

I made a nice spread of hotdogs, fried chicken wings, pizza, strawberries, grapes, chips, cheese balls, and cookies. We enjoyed it but I missed having the fellowship of others.

I began to mourn memories that never took place. Then, praise God, a moment of clarity.

I have the privilege of caring for my daughter, having my husband and son bonding downstairs, and having them all under the same roof. Some Wifommies can’t say that this year…

Happy New Year.


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