Trusting God Has Nought To Do With Time Part 1

Turned down plate
Turned down plate

Back in March of this year, a friend of mine posted on Facebook that relief came when she fell on her face and told the Lord everything that was in her heart, going on in her head, and what her feelings were about it.  I, unbeknownst to me, was carrying a lot of emotional baggage and had not told the Lord any of it.  It wasn’t until I read her post that it occurred to me (duh) to get emotionally naked in front of the Lord. I know this but we all need gentle reminders from time to time lest we think our shoulders are big enough.

In May of this year, that same friend posted on Facebook that she fasted for the past 30 days and experienced a breakthrough.  She did not give specifics but it was exciting to hear her breakthrough report.  Around that time, I had been contemplating on wether or not I should fast about what was on my heart.

Fasting is a big deal to me.  Fasting non-food items isn’t nearly as hard as fasting food is.  I like food. I am a person who struggles with the truth that food does not make an event.  I rate a mall on how good the food court is. Food is a big deal to me.  It takes A LOT for me to fast.  It takes A WHOLE LOT for me to fast, yet, after reading her post, I got that all too familiar Holy Spirit tug that fasting is exactly what God wanted me to do.

I told the Lord that this was His fast and He had to direct me on what to fast and how long to fast because I would do a “quick” 30-day no cheese fast or something.  I am a cheese eater.  I can eat a 8oz block of cheese in a day. No joke. So, fasting cheese would be sacrificial but I wasn’t sure if it would be effective if I just fasted to fast with a ‘there, I did it’ attitude.

When God said that my fast was to fast sweets for six months, I almost said, “Never mind!  Something is wrong with my spiritual antenna! My bad!  I’ll just wait it out for You to do what You are going to do in Your time.  A sister can’t give up her sweets now. No way!”

This was back in June. June 12 to be specific.  Six months from June 12 is December 12.  I had to make it through the Summer (ice cream), Fall (baking season begins), my birthday (birthday cake), Thanksgiving (the high holy day of sweet consumption), and the beginning of December (the start of Christmas cookie making and eating).

Every time I was tempted, every time I began to turn my thinking away from fasting to something more familiar, like dieting, I told/reminded myself, and prayed the same to God, that I wanted from Him more than I wanted any sweet.  I was taught that when you fasted, every time you are tempted by that very thing you are fasting, to pray about whatever you are fasting for.  Well, my list was a bit lengthy.  I found praying that I wanted from God more than I wanted any sweet was just as effective and heart pouring. God knew the fullness of that declaration.

There is more to this story and it will continue on the next published post.  Until then, if you have reached your end, I encourage you to fast. It is not humanly desirable to fast (do-without, deny self) but it is spiritually necessary. I pray God use my testimony to tell you.


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