Keep Your Big Girl Panties On II

I didn’t want to call.  I even decided on another way around one person to get the information I sought, but when it came down to it, I had to practice what I preach.

It was a fluke. Nothing intentional, but it happened.  A special event occurred extended Lee family.  Someone is having a baby. The baby’s due date came as a surprise to all and a shower was hastily, yet done well, put together.

I was there.  Some other family members were not. I figured they were unable to make the date.  I didn’t think anything else of it until the mama-to-be let me know that the other family members did not get an invitation. I was shocked and so was she.  She wanted all of her family there but because it was a shower for her, she was not involved in the planning.  All she did was provide the guest email addresses for the host. (I was not a host).

I felt awful but the mama-to-be had already spoken with those family members and all seemed well.

Today, I was told by a third-party, that there was going to be another shower for the mama-to-be hosted by those family members that missed the first one. I was offended. (It took me several minutes to honestly admit that that was the emotion I was feeling). I had not received any information about another shower.  I wanted to know if not being included was a slight against me for the first shower.  I wanted to know if those family members held me responsible for the hosts oversight.

The go-around manuever would have been to call the mama-to-be and ask her. I could have pumped the third-party for more information. I allowed my thoughts to take me every which way but the mature route.

When I prayed and was honest with God about my emotions, that is when the right path became clear.

I didn’t want to do it. I didn’t want to call, but when it came down to it, I had to practice what I preach. I had to keep my big girl panties on even when a pull-up was within my reach.

I humbled myself under God’s mighty hand, and walked out that humility by calling said family member.  I didn’t shrink back when speaking. I was honest with my thoughts but, praise God, He gave me the words to speak.

Because I kept my big girl panties on, the misunderstanding was cleared up with a simple phone call.  All is well.  I was not blamed for the invitation mishap. I was not invited to the make-up shower because it isn’t really a shower.  It’s a lunch date with three people who weren’t at the first shower.  It was not a retaliatory act.

What a relief.  Praise God!


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