Grateful For The Slow Days

I did not get out of bed until 11AM. I have no plans to shower or put clothes on until it is absolutely necessary. Jazmine was up at her usual time and she spent it with her grandmother (one of the benefits of living in a multigenerational house).  She is now playing the Wii. We only have a little bit of school left for the week and we will get to it but I am not worried about it.  It will get done.

There is nothing on the calendar for the day until this evening.  Sure, there are things I could be doing. I could vacuum the floor, finish the dishes, go for a walk with Jazmine or take her somewhere fun and/or educational.  But no.  I am not going to do it.

In today’s society, there is such a push to be active. You have to be doing something and posting about whatever something you chose to do as evidence of your busyness.  Notice I did not say productive. Our society has made synonyms of the two when they are not the synonymous.  In this ‘got to go, got to do’ society, taking a breather, a true break, is not encouraged.  If you say you have a free day, someone is right there to suggest things to do with that time.  HELLO! It’s a FREE DAY!  That means you are FREE to do NOTHING if you so choose.

I am exercising my right to FREEdom. I am exercising my right to eat oatmeal on the couch and watch my child play the Wii, or, more accurately stated, watch her make Mii’s, without a shred of guilt.


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