I'm giddy with excitement!
I’m giddy with excitement!

I thought maturity came with age.  More specifically, I believed that with age came a change of ones nature.  That is not true…at least not in this case.

As a child, I sectioned my school year into parts: new school year excitement, my birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas/New Year’s, Presidents Day, Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday, Valentine’s Day, Spring Break, Memorial Day, and the last day of school.  (Do you notice a theme?)

As a homeschooling momma, I thought I would evolve from such school calendar breakdowns, and focus more on the work and learning. Nope. I am surprised and disappointed to announce that my homeschooling year is still broken down in those sections in my mind.  My thought process is still ‘I just have to push real hard from now until the next break’.

I found myself being short with Jazmine today, which is really unusual because we were tackling new concepts.  I was puzzled.  My first thought is usually, it must be my period coming. But that wasn’t it. I’m not stressed.  No, I’m not pregnant (unfortunately). Then I realized that next week is Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  If I was still in school, I would be having a hard time focusing due to being distracted from all the tempting food recipes I want to try, the family I get to see, and the fun times ahead.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what I am experiencing now.

I literally take off.  It’s a good thing I don’t have a job because I would get fired every year around this time. I put my family on notice that I am not cooking next week. I make my designated dishes for the big day but up until then, they aren’t to look to me for a meal. No one will starve but I better not hear any lip about breakfast, sandwiches, or make-it-up-as-I-go-along items for dinner next week. After Thanksgiving, it’s leftovers through Saturday.  Dinner will resume Sunday.

I keep telling myself that this is the last week of school until the week after Thanksgiving.  I keep trying to encourage myself to keep it up.  It’s not working. I want to stop now. On our original school calendar, I have us doing school both Monday and Tuesday of next week. Not a full day but just some math and reading. HA! She will read.  She will read the guide on the television while we catch up on Sophia the First.  She will do math. 1/2 cup of flour plus + 1/2 cup of flour = 1 cup of flour.  And depending on what we are making, that will count for science too!

This is my sign.  Feel free to use in your homes :)
This is my sign. Feel free to use in your homes 🙂

I am DONE with school.  I have checked out.  Even when I was in school, I would do my best at the beginning so the closer it got to break, my tried-to-avoid-it-but-always-got-me-in-the-end slacking off wouldn’t bring my grade down to C level. I couldn’t shake it then, and I don’t seem to have matured enough with age to shake it now.

Just two more days.  JUST TWO MORE DAYS and I can put school away for an ENTIRE WEEK!

A close-up on the sign.
A close-up on the sign.

I want to gorge myself with every Thanksgiving and Christmas special they have while watching popcorn and sitting on the couch with my girl.

No more teachers!  No more books!  No more Mommies with dirty looks!

Who’s with me!


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