Parenting Is Never Easy

There is no easy track to parenting. Only child, multiples, large family, 2.5 kids and a dog, it’s all challenging. Yes, the challenges each dynamic faces differs but no one is more easy than another.  Anyone who tells you different is a liar.

Parenting is hard work. Children change day-by-day as they should. Adults are pretty much set.  We change but not as drastically nor as often as children. Having to keep up with another person is rough. A family who has a set of twins know nothing of having five children under five. They can imagine but they know nothing of it and vise versa. How many times have you been at a get together or just been in conversation with other parents and heard, ‘I don’t know how you do it’?  Now, how many times have you heard that statement said in an admiring tone and not a ‘I am so glad that is not me’ tone?  I am guessing that you have heard that statement numerous times and never once or very seldom heard it in an admiring tone.

When it comes to children, no one wants more or less than what they have.  We want our family dynamic. For example, have you ever watched someone else’s child?  I am sure you have.  Were you pleased as punch when they went home?  I am sure you were even if they were little angels you were still pleased because you wanted your family dynamic back.  Your family dynamic is what you know. It is what you are familiar with. It is what you are comfortable with. You know the challenges that you deal with in your family dynamic.  Never think ‘it would be easier if’ because, as a parent, waking up and not having that child there is NOTHING we want to experience.




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