The Sunday Afternoon Blues

Sooooo, I miss 8 o’clock service because Jaz slept longer than normal and I did not want to deal with cranckpot on the morning set aside to corporately worship The Lord.

I realize that this weeks tweeks to teaching 3’s & 4’s Sunday school needs to be reworked again. I hate going to 11 o’clock service because it puts me behind when making dinner and my family serves at both services so they are beyond hungry when they come home.
I wanted to leave but stayed because I knew that was the right thing.

I arrive home to begin to prepare dinner to realize that I left my weeks menu in the van. It’s cold. I like cold but I didn’t want to be in it right then. I finally go get it and begin preparing my 40 minute meal. It involved crushing cornflakes into bread crumb consistency. We have a Ninja. That sucka cut off in the middle to crushing cereal! It’s broken. We haven’t even had it a year.

So what are we doing now? As we speak, we are on our way to a burger joint to eat. I shop on the weekend to ensure we don’t have to go out to eat because I wasn’t prepared! This blows….then again…. I get to go out to eat and there is a good possibility I will be getting a Vitamix 🙂

Anyone else experience the Sunday Afternoon Blues?


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