Stepping Out Of My Mommy Comfort Zone

I was interested in getting Jazmine in a dance class.  Not just any dance class but a African dance or belly dance class (yes belly dance). Jaz LOVES to dance and since she is five, I thought it would be a good time for her to start learning organized dance. The problem was the classes that looked perfect for us were not in my immediate area.

I watch Criminal Minds.  I learned from that show that suspects often are located at the epicenter of where ever the crimes have been committed. That circumference space is called their comfort zone.  Well guess what?  We all have them. I have found out that mine is no farther north than my favorite mall, no farther south than my favorite fast food chain, no farther east than my favorite movie theater, and no father west than where our Amish Market used to be.

The classes I was looking for for Jazmine were FAR outside of my comfort zone.

It took me a while find classes for her age group in the genre of dance I wanted her in.  Once I found something, I immediately nixed both classes due to distance.  I started to stress because so many of her peers had either been in dance class for a year or were starting with this school year. It really started weighing on my mind but I was dead set against her being in ballet/tap/jazz so I had to figure something out.

Then it hit me that I needed to get out of my comfort zone.  If the class was 30 minutes away, then that is where the class was and that was where I was going to take my daughter. If the class met on a Saturday, then that is when we would be there. I felt such a relief! I hate living in a ‘I can’t’ box. I can’t do this because it’s here or I can’t do that because of this thinking does not sit well with me.  I am a ‘how can I’ type of person.  If I genuinely can’t do something, I know why I can’t and it shouldn’t have anything to do with other people but solely me. These are my decisions…well our including the hubby.

So, on Saturday morning, I was the mom who woke her daughter to get dressed, eat (in the car since the class is about 30-40 minutes away), and get to dance class. I was the mom on Thursday evenings, who no longer went to her gym class, but drove, with traffic, an hour away to get to dance class and we had to leave heaping early at that because the traffic was so bad!

I did it gladly.  It is my privilege and honor to drive my daughter where she needs to go.  I am so thankful that because I was willing to get out of my Mommy comfort zone, Jazmine will have a chance to see and do more things.


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