She Fancy!

I am a plain Jane.  I like jeans, T-shirts, sweats, and tennis shoes. I wear the same earrings all the time and I rarely take of my wedding ring. I’ve worn a watch but once the battery dies, I don’t wear it anymore. I love wearing lip gloss because that is just about the only makeup that is goof proof for me.  Most everything else requires trial and error and, in my opinion, I am too grown to have a bad make-up day.

I used to shy away from fancy people; those that accessorize,  have flawless makeup or owned more than a few pairs of shoes. Those that would, in my opinion, look dressed up to go to the supermarket or on a field trip. Truth be told, I envied those that could pull a look together at the drop of a hat for an impromptu date or night out with some friends. All of my fancy stuff are recycled dress down clothes that I’ve added a boot too. I own no dress pants or blouses.

I am not upset at that.  That’s me. But I do get angry at myself when I need something to reach for and there is nothing there.  Oh how I miss my college days when my closet consisted of half of my dorm room floor!  Never did anyone borrow anything from me but I do remember loaning my silver hoop earrings once.  I was so happy to do it so I could (FINALLY) feel like I contributed something.  My best going-out looks never consisted of things I owned head to toe.

Now, as an adult, I feel the need to be a bit more than I am.  Not because I am being phony but because I know I can rock certain looks and I do like certain styles.  However, the more curves you have the more it take$ to cover all of your a$$et$.

I have heard from two girlfriends that I need to dress up more. I heard them and appreciated the comment.  I would consider those two fancy. These chicks coordinate their jewelry to go with their outfit and wear scarves and such to go to an in-home party!  I call that too much work for a few hours only to return home and take it all off.  Besides, what is a fashion scarf?  I only wear a scarf when I am cold.  But I digress.

I was in a conversation recently and it was explained to me how to accessorize. She even told me where to go to get jewelery for prices that don’t make me angry.  Come to find out there are some accessories I do like that don’t cost me lots.  I like stackable rings and necklaces that aren’t super long or have pendents on them.  I don’t think I could ever do a scarf because it would make me hot.  My shoe game is not hot but I was also informed of where I can go to buy shoes for my size 11 feet.

I am not aspiring to be fancy but I am aspiring to look a bit more put together than I have been.


2 thoughts on “She Fancy!

  1. Tika

    Ok. Whoever told you how to accessorize and where to buy big foot shoes, hook a sista up! I need and want some help. You are not alone! These last 5.5 years have taken more than my brain cells. Smh!

    1. Xara

      My friend told me to try for shoes. She says they are priced well and have different brands on sale everyday. She also reminded me to for bras, bathing suits, and tops for top heavy sisters like myself.

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