Figuring Out My Child

From a very young age, some parents know the make-up of their child. At four months old, they can tell if the child is curious (nosey).  At 13 months old, they can tell if the child is a runner or a climber.  At two years old, the parent knows if they have a future reader in the family due to the amount of books the child wants read to them each day. Around 4, a parent can see that they have a dancer if that is all their pre-schooler likes to do.

I admire those parents.  I admire them having a clear-cut lane of interest their child likes with which to begin building around. From Jazmine’s infancy, I have been watchful (hopeful?) that I would pick up on, see, identify what her niche was.

This child is 5 years old and I got nothing.

She loves to dance…freestyle.  We are currently enrolled in a dance class and, she says she enjoys it but it’s not the joy of a dancer. She hates coloring. She dabbles in many things but nothing seems to stick.

This morning, this very morning as I am typing this, I was planning on being in the process of gets us out the door to get to a jump place with trampolines everywhere.  I decided to take her last night and told her of my plans.  I was so excited.  I was stepping out of the box and enjoying our homeschooling flexibility. I had it all planned out.  We would awake, eat breakfast, get ready, go jump, return home for lunch, a bit of rest, then school. (Insert buzzer sound here) Wrong.

My child awakens with some kind of phantom stomach pain. Ok. We can handle that.  I remind her of our morning jump plans.  Her response, “But Mommy, I don’t want to be tired when we leave and all that jumping makes me tired.”  Are you kidding me! Seriously!?!? You are a child!  This should be right up your alley!  We’ve been twice and you enjoyed it immensely! I am so done right now.  Not to mention that I was excited about going.  It was two hours of fun exercise for me too!

I am going to have a serious talk with my mother. I remember not wanting to participate in activities that made me sweat unless other kids my age were involved. I didn’t begin to enjoy exercise until I was in High School. I need to know when I, if I, turned a corner into being somewhat predictable in my habits, likes, and dislikes when it came to activities.  I keep looking for signs but I get shot down at every turn.

No matter.  That’s my little girl.  If she only wants to go to the park when her neighborhood buddies are outside, fine.  If she would rather stay in the house with her grandmother instead of going places with me, so be it.  She does like to cook…She loves to be around and interact with ALL people….If she could get paid for talking, we’d be Rockefellers…When asked, she’ll tell you that she enjoys science and math… Hmm

Maybe I missed a sign after all.  Maybe, just maybe, I was looking for other things to present in my child when all along she has been showing me who she is and the lane she likes to be in.  Maybe… 🙂


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