Put The Worksheet Down!!!!!!!

I had it all set.

I laid out the work to be done in the subjects we were covering today.

Things were going as planned.

I started to see the light at the end of the lesson.

She was engaged and enjoyed it.

Then…I made a mistake.

We are to do one-side of two worksheets per school day. I got a bit carried away because she was doing so well and forgot that she was only to do the one-side. That proved fatal because the other side a change-up to a concept she previously learned.  It threw her for a loop and there was uncertainty laced with tears coming from my Jazmine.

I explained it well and built up her confidence and she handled it like a champ. Unfortunately, my slip-up happened smack dab in the middle of our school day and its timing made for a slower moving remainder of our school day. She was no longer enjoying it.  I was no longer enjoying it BUT we had one more page to do.

Jazmine’s linear thinking Momma wanted so very badly to have her complete that page for completion’s sake. I looked long and hard at that worksheet. I kept it out for about an hour trying to figure out how I would re-engage Jazmine to finish up the day. In the mean time, my husband started teaching her how to play Skip-Bo.  That was an extra math lesson for the day.  I am not complaining.  That lesson was extremely helpful and enjoyable for both of them.

I looked at my husband and Jazmine and looked back at the lowly worksheet and put it away for tomorrow.

Something like that would seem so easy to do but it proved difficult for me. I ended up having to yell ‘PUT THE WORKSHEET DOWN’ to myself followed by a self-talk about the purpose of learning. The purpose of learning is not to complete a stinking worksheet.


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