If God Tells You To Do Something, Do It The First Time

I have a space issue in my ark. I have made things more manageable in the living room and bedroom but the kitchen has been a bear. One of the reasons I wait so long to go food shopping is because I can not store surplus nor can try new items because I don’t have a place to put them. I use a lot of spices but I have had to place hid and seek with them because they are housed in three different spots in the kitchen. I bought a rolling island that became a haven for all food items that did not have a home. The plastic tower drawer storage unit my mother-in-law used housed more than it was built for. The kitchen became a hot point of frustration for me.

I began searching for kitchen solutions but could not find anything for the space we have.  As I continued to search, I heard God say, “build it”. ‘You have got to be kidding’ was the first thought in my mind.  Then I thought better of saying no to the Lord and measured out my space and drew my specs. (It wasn’t until later that it occurred to me that Jesus was raised by a carpenter. Him having me put together a cabinet is not a far fetched idea. DUH!) I must mention here that I have not built anything since shop class in middle school. Once I had my specs, I went to Home Depot to purchase the items. Do you know how much a sheet of wood is?  Pretty darn expensive!

They wanted $33 dollars for one sheet of plywood!  I had in my mind that making a cabinet would cost $30-#50.  I was already over my stretched too short budget as it was. As I was roaming the store with my mother and Jazmine trying to piece together if building a cabinet was what God really wanted me to do, an employee offered to assist me.  In telling him my plight, he told me they sold pantries at the store.  Well!  I thought that was my out.

I found the aisle, and saw the pantry.  It was longer than what I wanted and about 4 inches less in depth than what I needed. But guess what I did?  I bought it anyway with the intention of “making it work”.  I also bought some pantry racks so I could house my spices all in one place.  I was so excited!  I really wanted my spices in one place so I could put them in alphabetical order, have them all facing me so I didn’t have to hunt for them, nor go through each one to see if I was running low in it before heading out to the store.

I was just starting to get sick when I bought the thing.  My husband put it together for me while I was sick. Once I recovered, I started shifting things around.  I got rid of the plastic drawer tower storage, and relocated all of the appliances that were on the rolling island. That was the end of the positives.  The negative was that not all of the items I wanted to house in the pantry fit.  In order to make it work a bit better, I had to buy three more shelves. I originally thought to get rid of things that did not belong to me but thought better of it.  That wise thought created more items I had to find housing for. The pantry rack I bought to house my spices was a complete bust.  The pantry door was too thin to screw the pantry rack too, the rack itself did not fit all my current spices, and if I wanted to try to make it work, I still  would not be able to see them all without picking through them.


So, back to the combing the internet for solutions I go, all the while kicking myself for not returning that pantry. The pantry itself was $85, each additional shelf was $10. That $33 for a piece of wood was looking pretty good at this point. Truth be told, I really thought of taking it back after recovering from being sick but it was too late because hubby set it up for me. The boys were here and it became a father-son-man-building exercise and I did not have the heart to tell them no especially after all the headache the stupid thing gave them.

Back to the internet.

I start searching for something I saw before but had no need of then…a rolling pantry. The design I was looking for was the kind that makes use of the space between the refrigerator and the wall.  What did I find?  You guessed it.  I found specs to build just that. I learned my lesson the first time. I measured out my space again and adjusted the specs the website provided to fit my needs and got to work.

I bought the wood, screws, casters, handle, and wood dowels. $95.

It was done in 48hrs in the midst of life.

Lesson: When God tells you to do something, do it the first time.  Disobedience will cost you time and money.

Here is the finished product.  IMG_0294












Pantry shown with store bought pantry.  My husband stained the rolling pantry to match our cabinets <3.
Pantry shown with store-bought pantry. My husband stained the rolling pantry to match our cabinets <3.

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