Believe God. It’s That Simple

I took my daughter to see the Lego movie. (Everything is awesooooome!) It was a cute movie. The underlying theme was  to believe.  As my husband pointed out, many different belief systems use this thought process.  I, of course thought of God.

Just believe.  That is all He asks us to do. Just believe and trust in Him.

That is a choice.  I must make that choice.  I’m not talking about salvation. I am talking about believing God in my day come what may.

I find myself often believing God then wavering as soon as I see my desire happen in someone else’s life. I can’t live like that anymore.  If I am going to believe God, than I am going to believe God.

I wake up in the morning with a list of things to do. Go here, go there, read with Jazmine, make dinner, go to the gym, clean something in this house, etc. I have quiet prayer time with God first thing in the morning and I put on the whole armor of God but never once did I consider to decide that for that day, the next 24 hrs, that I will believe God.

I’m no stranger to 30 day fitness challenges. I’ve done the squat challenge, the ab challenge, and currently, I am starting my own stretching challenge. Well, I have decided to do a faith challenge as well.  I am going to state, in full conviction, at the beginning and the end of each day that I believe God and I will repeat that at each hiccup that comes in my life.

The devil is not happy with this new mental faith click I’ve had because this evening, we received some news that will alter our vacation accommodations. Instead of being disheartened at the news 18 days before we are set to leave, I said, “I believe God,” and I started to pray for what we need to make our stay what we are used to having.

Up until today, I’ve allowed myself to be guided by the ‘what if’s’ of disappointment to really stretch out and believe God. No longer…well, at least not for the next thirty days 🙂


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