Belly Full, Balls Empty…The Dynamic Duo

A FB friend of mine posted this quote from Calm-O-Matic: Keep his belly full and his balls empty.  When I saw it I immediately made it my wife motto!

I have made the acquaintance of women who know the value of keeping a house tidy, food readily available, and invest in the behavior of their children.  I have met woman who know they are the emotional thermostat of their household and maintain a good temperature in their home. I know women who know the value of being their husbands cheerleader, confidant, and friend.  I have met few woman who relish their role as their husbands lover.

I have heard many women complain of how taxing sex is with their husband; how it is viewed as “something to do” or a necessary evil. I have heard older wiser woman say that if you want to keep your man, you must be their for him sexually or else he will wonder.  I know they mean well but the motive for having sex with your spouse should not be so you can keep him around. That is a wonderful byproduct of what we should be doing in the first place.

This post sounds different from others I have written.  Let me tell you how it came about.

I wrote the following on FB

And the cock blocker is at it again. This girl is specializing in this! Can’t even cop a feel without hawk eye! We are good at sneaking too but this chick has stepped up her game. She has messed with my Saturday morning nookie too! This is all out war! (family member) come get this chick!

The post received mostly laughter and understanding as a response.  What I found odd was that most of the married women I know on FB did not respond to the post at all.  I don’t write posts to get a response but I do find responses funny.  Aren’t we as married woman supposed to be the trumpeters for sex?  According to the Bible, we are the only ones who can have it!  Why are those that practice fornication the only ones expected to talk about sex?

I promote biblical marriages. I will tell all women, married and looking to be married, that a full belly and empty ball sack is just as essential to a happy marriage as any other marriage advice they will hear. This dynamic duo is as important for men as security is for a woman.


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